Blackberry Bold and Loudspeaker sound level problem

I came clear about this issue after disassembling my bold 9000. Some RIM half-brained constructor had this idea:

“Hey! Why not make a new type of speaker connection using a rubber-like white plastic-thing which connects outgoing phone-pins over a goldplattered plastic flashcover with the speaker-pins?”

And that’s what causes this ****ing problem. They used this ‘incondactive’ chinese  white rubber to connect the speaker with the phone. Very innovative, but what for? I can’t think of ANY reason they did it for!

Now here is the ultimate fix for this problem (and there will be no better):

You need to get off the grey flash-cover (use a sharp knife), take out the white rubber (this is what connects the goldplattered grey cover with the speaker). Now (don’t do this at home) you need to solder the phone-pins with the speaker-pins using a thin wire.

When you’re looking on the back of the phone, the (-)pin is nearer to the battery and the (+)pin is nearer to the top of the phone, and there are two pairs of pins which is left and right channel. At the top in the middle there are the 4 speaker-pins. The inner ones are the (-)pins, the outer (+)pins. Now connect for each side the (-)to(-)pins and (+)to(+)pins.

It looks really bad with them wires and the cover wont fit in place any more, but WHEN YOU ARE DESPERATE ABOUT THIS ISSUE, WHEN YOU CAN’T HEAR ONE CALL RINGING AND WHEN YOU WARRANTY IS EXPIRED then make it this way and never bother about this loudness problem again.

This is why pushing, lifting, squeezing the grey cover doesn’t really help, it’s that white thing.


Hope this will end this funny thread some time.

Please tell me, what you all think about it.


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