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The Brokenmusicbox Full Album

The cover for the single, “We Will” was a teaser for the full album—which I’m excited to say is out in it’s full glory. The music, design and photography have all come together in harmony to form an exciting album.


How was it all done??


We met with Tony and Kim from The Brokenmusicbox in September of last year. In the meeting we talked about what the album meant to them and what they were trying to convey with it. During the meeting we came up with some basic ideas and then narrowed it down to one. After the meeting I gave them a final sketch of my idea which they approved before I started photographing.



The technical part:

The dirt was pilled up in front of a turquoise background. Once I was happy with the shape of the top dirt I placed the flower. I test photographed about 6 flowers but only one was used for the final image. The dirt was lit from above with a long strip box. This gave the dirt a nice edge light. The lighting also left the front of the dirt dark, making it easier to blend with the “underground” dirt photo. I had one light with a 7″ reflector coming from the back to give the photo lens flare. The flower that I picked didn’t have any leaves so I had to photograph them from a different flower. Once I was happy with the dirt and the flower I used a water spray bottle to add the rain.

The “underground” portion of the photo was taken separately and upside down. This way I had gravity working in my favor rather then against me. The root for the actual  flower in the final image wasn’t very photographic so I picked a different plant that had a nice root. I then used scissors to trim the root so it didn’t look too busy. Once the bottom image was photographed I just rotated it 180 degrees and blended it with the top photo.


It was great working with The Brokenmusicbox and Amy Gregg from A1 Design.


Listen to the full Album here http://thebrokenmusicbox.bandcamp.com I love all the songs but my favorite is “California Year.” Listen to the album and post which song is your favorite.

for A Life Less Underground, released 01 February 2012

A Life Less Underground cover art

California Year

from A Life Less Underground by The Brokenmusicbox