Match Skin Tones (in Photoshop)

Skin tone of the face sometimes doesn’t match skin tone of the body, we need to match them for more perfect photo. For example, in the below image skin tone of the model’s face is different from skin tone of her body.


  • Step 1: Analyze differences between color of the face and the body to determine what need to be adjusted.
    • In this case the face need to be “darker” and “warmer”, in other word: make it “darker” and more “orange” (like body’s color).
    • Orange is combination of “Magenta” and “Yellow” –> need to adjust (add more) magenta and yellow.
  • Step 2: Use Level Adjustment Layer to adjust color:
    • To adjust magenta, use channel “Green”: right slide goes down
    • To adjust yellow, use channel “Blue”: right slide goes down
    • color_adjustment_on_level_tool
  • Step 3: Use Saturation Adjustment Layer to make color look more realistic.
  • Step 4: Group 2 above layers and and a mask for the group, then apply mask to show adjustment for the face only
    • color_adjustment_group
  • Step 5: Reduce Opacity of the Adjustment Group to make the adjustment more realistic.


See detailed “Skin Tone Matching” tutorial in the following video:

(Video link: