How to use the RAW file on Git2?

Convert RAW file into DNG for Action Camera GIT2?

(For Windows only – as of 2016/05)
How to use the RAW file on Git2?

Thanks to the DashCamTalk member @the-force who helped us to provide this tool and script.

First turn on the RAW option in the Photo mode settings. It will take much more time to save the .JPG and .RAW file after enabled the RAW option.

Convert the RAW file to DNG

RAW2DNG tool:

This tool can support for both 16:9 and 4:3 raw images. Just drag and drop the Raw files in the program, select proper image format and click on convert.

Correct the DNG file

There is much red in original DNG file, below tool is for correcting black level, white level and white balance.

To use the correction tool, simply drag and drop the dng files (also multiple files at once) on the fix_levels.bat. Please note that the exiftool.exe has to be in the same folder as the batch file. The dng files will then be corrected and replaced automatically.

The correcting tool is not perfect, maybe some other Git2 users can help to improve it.

Below fixing DNG script is provided by @Nigel.

exiftool -BlackLevel=200 -WhiteLevel=4095 -AsShotNeutral=”0.5100 1 0.6400″ %1 -overwrite_original

– See more at:


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