LED SMD 5050 VS 2835 VS 3528

LED SMD 5050 vs. SMD 2835 vs. SMD 3528

So what do these numbers mean? Is one better than the other? Well, the numbers actually represent the package size.

SMD5050 5.0mm x 5.0mm 0.24
SMD 2835 2.8mm x 3.5mm 0.15
SMD3528 3.5mm x 2.8mm 0.08

SMD stands for Surface Mount Device. SMD 2835 is the newest SMD configuration and offers the best cost / performance. It is significantly smaller than the SMD5050 and has better heat dissipation.

Advantages of SMD 2835 vs 3528

  • Chip direct conduction fins improve the heat dissipation performance allowing it to withstand higher current (40-60mA)
  • 2-3 times larger heat sink than 3528, allowing excellent heat dissipation
  • Slower light decay of LED chip life
  • Oversized light-emitting surface improves the rate of light up to 90%.
  • Ultra-thin structure solves the 3528’s long-standing problem.
  • 2-3 times higher luminous efficiency than 3528; capable of up to 90-100 Lumens per Watt.
  • The costs have been reduced by up to 20% vs the older 3528 design.

Core Advantage of 2835 LED:

  • The vertical structure: Chip direct conduction fins to improve the heat dissipation performance, which can withstand the higher current (40-60mA)
  • Large heat sink: larger than 3528 heat sink 2-3 times, excellent heat dissipation design, light decay of LED chip life more secure; ,
  • Oversized light-emitting surface: to improve the rate of light: up to 90%.
  • Ultra-thin structure: to solve the 3528 been long-standing problem spot;
  • High optical efficiency: higher than 3528 luminous efficiency 2-3 times the luminous efficiency of up to 130LM / W (@CRI>80);
  • Super stability: low light fades material, process, process maturity and stability.
  • The high cost: to achieve the same luminous flux, than 3528 costs reduced more than 20%

Main different:

  • SMD3528 is old, usually we say  SMD 2835 is update version for SMD3528 and SMD3014
  • Lighting area: SMD2835 is 9.18mm, 3528 is 4.5mm only.
  • Light View Angle: SMD2835 have 120degree light view angle, SMD3528 have 90 degree only.
  • Heat dissipation: SMD2835 have big heat sink for heat dissipation, SMD3528 light source do not have heat sink.So SMD2835 is better
  • Cost: SMD2835 cheaper than SMD3528.Typical 0.2W SMD2835 LED power is approximately equal to 3pcs 0.06W SMD3528.

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