Headphones + Speakers at the same time in Windows 7


Enable sound output on both speaker and headphone at the same time in Windows 7

  1. right click the Sound tray icon
  2. click Recording devices
  3. right click “Stereo mix” and click Properties
    (stereo mix is a “microphone” that listens only to sounds your computer makes.  It might called something different on your computer)
  4. click the Listen tab and check Listen to this device
  5. Now, if your Speakers are the default device, set “Playback through this device” to your Headphones (and vice versa: if your headphones are the default device, set it to your speakers).
  6. Click OK, OK, and it should work.


  • There is a signal lag (audio lag, audio delay) between computer Application and Bluetooth headphone. (i.e. when you what movie, you will see image runs faster than audio/sound).
  • If you don’t want such audio lag, select Bluetooth Headphone as the Primary/Default in Playback Device.

This setup is applied successfully to output audio to both (1) Xonar Audio Card to speaker and (2) Sony XB950BT Headphone via Bluetooth connection (wireless via CSR V4.0 Dongle). Software used are iTunes in Windows 7 Pro 64bit.

Source: [link]


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