Why I don’t use Capture One Pro


Why I don’t use Capture One Pro, even I seem to like it very much?

I have revisited to try Capture One Pro several times, but there were always some minor things that prevent me from using it at my very first stage of getting familiar with the software:

  • Not as popular as LightRoom and PhotoShop therefore there are less tip, technical, and presets sharing on the Internet for beginners.
  • Very slow update on supporting new lens and camera, especially when your lens or camera is not popular. For example, Fujifilm X70 was introduced in Jan 2016, sold in Mar 2016; I bought one in April 2016; but not until late of Sep 2016, Phase One release new version of Capture One Pro (version 9.3) to support this camera.
  • Cannot rename multiple image files while still retains a part of original file name. For example, it cannot change multiple files name: DCS0014, DCS0015, DCS0016 into A7X0014, A7X0015, A7X0016. It can use a new sequence in renaming file (e.g. 1, 2, 3,…), but cannot start from middle (e.g. 4, 5, 6,…).
  • Cannot automatically detect newly added sub-folders and import those folders with inside images into the catalog. You need to manually add new sub-folders or re-import all images (this process takes a lot of time). Maybe it’s actually not that bad, but

For a technical-oriented (not art-oriented) guy like me, it seems to be not so convenient to continue exploring Capture One. I may try to revisit C1 in the future.



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