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Brenizer Method to create more shalow DoF

In this tutorial video they will demonstrate how to prepare images in Lightroom for achieving the Brenizer method to enhance shallow depth of field, and how to finish off the merged image with stylized editing in Lightroom after the “heavy lifting” is done.

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Lightroom – How do I apply a preset to multiple images at once?

  • Select all of your thumbnails in the develop module film strip or in the library prior to going into develop.
  • Then turn on Auto-Sync (in Developing Tab — Tool menu)
  • Any adjustment you make to your first image will be repeated on all of the selected images. Or just perfect your first image and choose sync. You will see a pop-up dialog and you can choose exactly which develop settings you wish to sync e.g. white balance only or white balance and other settings. Sync will apply the settings from the first selected image to all of the subsequently selected images unless you choose exceptions. For example you may wish to apply exposure, contrast, highlights and shadows from your perfected image but not the crop settings.
  • Don’t forget to turn off Auto-Sync when you have finished otherwise it will affect future editing.

3 Ways to Change White Balance in Lightroom

Did you know there are three different ways to edit your white balance in Lightroom?

White balance is something that many photographers select with their in-camera settings and its function is to correct too warm or too cool colour casts as a result of  the lighting in your scene. For example, fluorescent lighting is very ‘cool’ lighting and your images will take on a cold colour cast if not corrected with a warming colour balance in the camera settings.

However, if the images are shot in RAW and the files remain open to total in-computer control, the while balance can be better-altered in computer editing programs. This means you can either alter an incorrect balance or employ changes to achieve a more creative interpretation of your scene (exe: to add a warm, golden hour glow). You can make these changes in a JPG, but the options aren’t as large as those for RAW files.

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